Plastic Injection Moulding and Precision Toolmakers


Plant List...

Our plant facilities are updated at regular intervals through the year keeping Naiad Plastics at the forefront of plastic injection moulding technology and toolmaking.

The following is a list of our current plant, for injection moulding and toolmaking:

Injection Moulding Machines Maximum Shot Weight
2 x Rical Rotary 8 Station  
1 x 350 Tonne Krupp Reifenhauser CNC 1000gms
1 x 130 Tonne Ferromtik 350gms
1 x 250 Tonne OIMA 2200-250SX 800gms
3 x 20 Tonne Boy 30gms
1 x 1250/250 Sandretto 7 series 700gms
1 x 30 Tonne Boy 45gms
1 x 60 Tonne Modula  
1 x Hornet 12 Tonne  

Air Conditioned Enclosed Environment Maximum Shot Weight
1 x 65/185 Penta Metalmeccanica CNC 185gms
2 x 9100 Modula 250gms
1 x 135/350 Pental Metalmeccanica CNC 350gms

Toolroom Equipment

1 x Fanuc W1 wire Eroder
1 x Bridgeport Interact 1 MK2 CNC Mill
1 x Barronmax KE430ZNC EDM Spark Eroder
1 x Hurco 540 Spark Eroder
2 x Turret Mills with readouts
1 x Johns & Shipman 540 Surface Grinder
1 x Triumph 2000 Lathe

Auxiliary Equipment Includes:

Piovan Dosing Units
Piovan Hopper Loaders
Piovan Dehumidifying Dryer
Cole Oil Heater - 12kw
Latz Material Dryer - 250kgs
Churchill Mould Water Heating Control Unit
Free Stand Mould chilling Water Cooling Unit
Ingersoll rand ML15 Rotary Screw Compressor
Funditar Material Dryer - 120lb capacity
Gallenhamp Drying Ovens - 25kls each
Granulating Machines
2 Way DME Hot Runner Control Units
10 Way DME Hot Runner Control Units
12 Way DME Hot Runner Control Units
20 Way DME Hot Runner Control Units
Digital Weigh Scales
200kl Material Blender
25kl Blenders
8ft Fully Adjustable Conveyor Sprue Sorters
Coolmation Chiller Unit

CWA/C29WD plus dual pump sets serving all moulding machines to a temperature of 10°C for mould cooling.

ICS Chiller Unit 96kw for serving hydraulic oil cooling on all moulding machines with dual pumps.



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